Throw Me A Lifeline

Throw me a towrope ‘cos I’m going down

Drag me to the shoreline & out of this dream

I’m drowning in sorrow I’m out of my depth here

Getting further & further into uncharted sea

Throw me a lifeline

This is the end, the last revelation

The sky is bruised black and the water blood red

I can’t feel my fingers my legs gone beneath me

And I can’t see a future more than one step ahead

Throw me a lifeline

The whole world is laughing

Standing on the shoreline

Pointing & laughing as I choke for breath

the sideshow, the scapegoat, the constant distraction

So much easier to mourn me in death

Throw me a lifeline

They’ve all turned away now, bored of the drama,

Salt fills my mouth & salt stings my eyes

Left to the monsters who prey in these waters

Knowing there’s no-one to drop the lifeline

Throw me a lifeline

G-d are you listening, I can pray louder

G-d if you hear me then give me a sign

I’ll be the beast, I’ll be the sea monster

I’ll be the nightmare, beyond the shoreline

I’ll be my angel I’ll be my saviour

I’ll be the flight that signals the slaughter

I’ll be the hunger the feast & the famine

I’ll be the mother I’ll be the daughter

I’ll be my husband I’ll be my bride

I’ll be the wine I’ll be the succour

i’ll be the widow i’ll be the orphan

i will be reason just keep us alive

Throw me a lifeline

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