Thursday 19th July 2001

We previewed tonight at the State Theatre in Melbourne and it was huge.
Packed to the rafters with happy punters, feels real good to be home
too. They were a perfectly irreverent audience, unafraid to call out in
the quiet moments, cat calls and whistling and yes, finally a bit of a
standing ovation. Hey, I’m very grateful, you lovely people who stood up
tonight saved us from our producer who’s been chomping at the bit to
change the ending, which I’ve always thought was just fine.
It’s bigger than Ben Hur now with the addition of 4 Jordinaires (they
always travel in fours) and a ten piece string section that all seem to
pop out of the cupboard when I sing Crazy in Louise’s kitchen; I guess
they’re all squashed in there with the 6 piece band and the girlie
backing group. Aahh poetic license, it works though, nothing like real
strings to get me going.
And it was excellent to see a Bitch Lister right down in the front row
centre! Any closer and you would have been up with me. Well done Julie.
Tomorrow we open officially. They’ll always be a tougher crowd, the ones who don’t pay for their tickets, but, there will be champagne later and lots of flowers and all my family and friends and love in the room.
Until then good night and sweet dreams

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