Thursday October 18th 2001

My lovely dresser has left to do another show with this company, “Oh What A Night” otherwise known in certain circles as Oh What A Nightmare. Anyway he’s gone with a big send off, a BBQ and party that apparently lasted close to 23 hours of solid alcohol consumption. (I had dutifully flown home to change bed linen etc so missed out on the collective hangover.) He will be sorely missed; a man at the centre of every post show gathering and an impeccable source of information for those unable to attend. His raised eyebrows, and ear waggling will leave a large hole in my nightly routine.
Goodbye nanna.
A well kept secret from even locals was last weeks CHOGM cultural gathering. Yes even though the heads of state all stayed home, the ancillary event took place as planned. All us Patsies breathed a sigh of relief when CHOGM got called off, it would have meant running the security gauntlet of Brisbane’s finest and we all know how scary that could be. You see the theatre and the hotel are in the same street a short walk apart, but in between is the CHOGM building. Even with a few folk running about in grass skirts and exotic head gear, the boys in blue were gathered in numbers, the real thing would have been like being stuck in an episode of Miami Vice.
One day I wandered in there with one of the Curvaceous Bobettes (Ginger, for those in the know) in tow. We checked out the wares from New Guinea, Fiji, and The Bahamas, I had my photo taken dozing off at The Women In Action stand and Ginger and I played with all the toys in the science section. Hearing music form the other end of the hall we got down to the stage area where we were treated to a Tongan traditional song about what can happen if you’re up a creek without a paddle.
Today the sun shines again after a full on rainstorm yesterday, Brisbane is looking very glamorous and I’m going for a swim.

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