Tilley’s – 23 May 1998

Does Willy Zygier ever have a bad guitar day? If so I am yet to see it and I have seen one or two of the Deborah and Willy shows.
From start to finish this was an exceptional show. The venue, Tilley’s, is a welcome warm and personal place in the city of roundabouts. Our first impressions of Canberra were washed away but this tremendous cafe/club. We were lucky enough to get seats right at the front and met up with Bitch Listers Sarah and Jonny.
The play list was virtually identical to the Melbourne shows a week earlier but the atmosphere and fact that Deborah and Willy seemed to be having a top time made this show Must-See-DC.
For the encore someone requested a Frank Sinatra tribute so Deborah sung Under My Skin (not her version) with Willy piecing together the guitar as they went along. Some wags even suggested he broke into a sweat with the concentration.
The highlight of the show was when DC played Consider This after Rachael (from the Bitch List) requested it. She said she’d play it but that Rachael would have to prompt her for some of the lyrics. Sure enough DC stopped at least 3 times during the song to get the next lyric from Rach who was screaming them up at the stage. It was a hilarious episode that got the whole place howling with laughter.
All things considered, well worth driving from Melbourne, one of the best DC shows I have ever seen.

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