Tilley’s – 30 Sept 1999

Now we’re talking. Nicky, Julie and I arrived at the venue at about 8pm and it was pretty much full, the stage was setup and things were going well.

At about half past nine Deborah and Willy strolled onto stage, welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd.
It became immediately apparent that Deborah is quite pregnant (yes, I know you can’t just be a little bit). Both she and Willy were in fine form. Deborah was talkative throughout the show and even recounted a couple of her dreams about Jeff Kennett. More on that later.

The show was broken into two sets. They opened with She’s Coming for It which was terrific. This further fuelled speculation that this will
appear on the new album (there was apparently some doubt about this).
Next they played Madame Butterfly is in Trouble. The rest of the order is a bit hazy but the songs were as follows.

  • Today I am a Daisy
  • Alive and Brilliant
  • Only Girl (nice to hear this one, it’s been a while)
  • Release Me
  • Feathers in My Mouth (also nice to hear, one of my enduring favourites of MTH)
  • Will You Miss Me When You’re Sober (also known as “that song about being drunk all the time”, see Sydney show review when someone writes one)
  • You’ve Come to Earth (which DC says is about having a baby, I’ll take her word for it)
  • Novacaine (bloody terrific stuff, I like this one more every time I hear it)
  • Something about Decisions (description not the title)
  • Happy New Year (they said this one might have an unexpected future, I hope so as it’s a favourite)
  • Bag of Sweets
  • White Roses (yes, someone yelled out for it, they said they’d promised themselves they wouldn’t play it anymore. They did, personally I am a bit over it)
  • String of Pearls (quite close to being over this as well but it’s always
    good to hear it live)

  • It’s Only a Dream
  • It’s Only the Beginning
  • 2001 Ultrasound (the first time I have heard this acoustic. they usually use a backing tape. it sounded terrific, I look forward to hearing this version again)

Now for the Jeff Kennett stories. For those of you who don’t know JK is a regional politician best known for being a fool and staying out of jail.
Deborah said she had a dream that JK took her to the Casino and then flew off with her superman style and told her that the whole city could be hers (I’m probably getting it a bit wrong). Then she woke up screaming.

In the second dream she was playing in Perth and realised that she had forgotten to drop the children off with her mother. As she was repacking her bag Willy turned into Jeff Kennett (now there’s a transformation!) and she started finding all this sexy underwear that he had packed for her and she was getting really turned on by this. Then Felicity (JK’s wife or ex-wife depending on what you read) burst in all angry. Again, she woke up screaming.

Willy wondered aloud if Felicity dreamed that Jeff turned into Willy.
Don’t we all wish?

She blamed these dreams on being pregnant.

All in all a terrific show.


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