Tilley’s – 4 Dec 1997

Day Two of “Deborah Conway Week” in Canberra was never going to live up to the spectacle that was Opening Night.
Whilst Deb and Willy were at full strength to start the show, it was obvious that they were thrown by a few distractions during the evening.
Willy’s guitar string snapped right in the middle of “Release Me”. He recovered magnificently, clocking a world record lap of the stage to pick up his spare guitar and reposition himself gracefully on his stool, just in time for his essential solo.
The new guitar presented some problems, providing an annoying feedback when the stage ligts were on. A few minutes of experimentation followed, with the lights, the sound, and even Willy’s interpretation of Mr Bean in the episode where he brings a new television home and can’t quite sort out the reception.
Luckily, the guitarist from support band The Deadly Nightshades was on hand to restring the #1 guitar. Unfortunately, he neglected to retune the string and copped a small mouthful from Willy… all in good fun.
Just one more drama when the incredible stench which seeped through from the toilets (shared by the Thai restaurant next door)was enough to gag Deborah and the entire front row. This led Deb onto her entertaining story of the gig in London where the toilets above the stage were leaking into the venue and everyone had to be evacuated… nasty!
The encore set was kicked off with “Last to Know”… no voting for “White Roses” tonight. We heard “String of Pearls” (thanks to Willy for reminding Deb of the words to the first line), but other than that the set was the same as Wednesday (no “Bag of Sweets” though).
Deb has added to her comment that “Yes, I have had sex recently,” sice she has arrived in Canberra. “… and heterosexual sex too, would you believe?!” Can you say that?!
All in all, the fab trio (it’s Rupert who mixes, sound checks, baby sits and sound checks again who really makes the show what it is), provided another fantastic night of entertainment in Lyneham.
Sarah Groube

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