Tilley’s – 6 Dec 1997

“We’re aiming for audience satisfaction tonight!!” proclaimed Deborah as she took the stage for the last time in Canberra for 97. Willy joined her (were they the same pants Deb wore in the video clip for “It’s only the Beginning” – out on the golf course?) and the gorgeous couple launched into “I’m Not Satisfied.”
After four days of clean air and good living in the Nation’s Capital, the pair looked rejuvenated and full of energy for what was the highlight of their four night stint at Tilley’s. Deb started slowly saying “I had so many things to say tonight but my brains have dissolved and dribbled into my stomach…” which livened up the audience who couldn’t stop smiling and grooving all night.
We were treated to Willy at his best, he could have sat and played all night… it was one of those concerts. I couldn’t help but think that he had read his brother’s review as his feet appeared to be glued to his bar stool!! He did admit after the concert that he had read the review but denied any conscious change in behaviour!
When Willy’s happy, Deb’s happy, and their energy flowed through to all of us lucky enough to be present. “She Prefers Fire” was particularly engaging with “Today I’m a Daisy” the big winner on the evening.
The best was saved for the encore when Deb fielded requests from the floor… “GOLDFINGER!!!”…. Deb looked at Willy – “Naaaah…” “STRING OF PEARLS?!?” Again – “It’s too long.” Shouts of “MAN OVERBOARD!!”, “MAN OVERBOARD!!”, MAN OVERBOARD!!” echoed around the bar and we were treated to the epic tune for a good six or seven minutes… just tremendous. “White Roses” concluded what had been an unforgettable night.
Until… Deb emerged from the change room for a solo performance of DCN #348. “Sorry – I know you all want to go home but I promised someone I’d play this for them. I’ve only played it live once before and it was here at Tilley’s a few years ago, probably for the same person… must have the soft touch.” The entranced crowd savoured every second of the beautiful song and couldn’t believe their luck at hearing this rare gem. Willy joined Deb and they played another request, “Bag of Sweets”, with such incredible feeling and aplomb.
I certainly can’t thank Deb and Willy enough for their professionalism, their kindness and their sincerity, but most of all for the special encore performance.
And the crowd??? 100% satisfied.
Sarah Groube

One thought on “Tilley’s – 6 Dec 1997

  1. Marcus Bagley

    Hi Deborah,

    You’re a class act. I’ve admired you and your beautiful, distinctive voice since Do-Ré-Mi and your enchanting single, “It’s only the beginning”.

    I wonder if you’d be kind enough to tell me on which golf course the video clip for “It’s only the beginning” was recorded please?

    kind regards and wishing you well,


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