Tuesday July 3rd 2001

Howdy everybody! I sure am happy to be with y’all and blogging at last; big thanks to my tremendous technical team here for getting me this far.
And so begins the adventures of Deborah the thespian, Patsy the singin’ cowgirl and the unfolding dramas of life on the road with the musical extravaganza that is “Always… Patsy Cline”.
We have been rehearsing in Melbourne for the last 3 weeks, not so long in the scheme of things,and are about to be let loose in a proper theatre in our nations capital. We open on Thursday and between now and then we have to jump many hurdles. Whether to inner ear monitor or not, how to handle heels, coping with wigs, costume changing in 75 seconds, not to mention dealing with my now infamous lyric forgetfulness. Comfortingly I have proof that the singin’ cowgirl was not perfect in this area either. (Hmm, perhaps I should add that to the list of things Patsy and I have in common in my next interview.)
I’m enjoying it all. I am a tourist in the world of employment, resting from the harsh brutalities of self-employment, hiding behind another character but still standing on a stage in a spotlight.
Even the hotel windows open and the pillows are feather. Life is almost perfect, if only I hadn’t discovered I had lice (courtesy of Alma) an hour and a half before I got on the plane… damn I hate sharing the spotlight.

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