String Of Pearls (1991)

Mushroom Records D30601 (1991)

String of Pearls CD Cover

Song Title Written by Produced by
1. Release me Conway/Scott Culter Richard Pleasance
2. It’s only the beginning Conway/Scott Culter Richard Pleasance
3. Under my skin Conway/Scott Culter/Dorland Bray Joe Hardy
4. Buried Treasure Conway Joe Hardy
5. Will you miss me when you’re sober Conway Richard Pleasance
6. White roses Conway/Dorland Bray Richard Pleasance
7. For all the wrong reasons Conway Joe Hardy
8. Someday Conway/Dorland Bray and Paul Kelly Joe Hardy
9. King of Jordon Conway/Richard Pleasance Richard Pleasance
10. Deborah Conway’s nightmare #347 Conway Michael den Elzen
11. String of Pearls Conway Richard Pleasance
12. Last to Know Conway/Paul Kelly Joe Hardy
the pearly disc
  • First release was in a foldout Digipak, later releases in standard CD case.
  • Portrait photos – Polly Borland
  • Bicycle photo – Ross Hipwell
  • Pearl photos – Pierre Baroni
  • Art Direction and design -Pierre Baroni/Mushroom Art

7 thoughts on “String Of Pearls (1991)

  1. scott martin

    I live in the U.K and would like to purchase string of pearls, our dog in a fit of spite ate our copy. Do you have any ideas where I could pick up one on the net.
    Looking forward to good news
    Regards Scott

  2. Emma Stoyel

    I was given String of Pearls when i was 7 years old! I’m now 22 and it still remains one of my favorite albums of all time! Definitely a must have.

  3. Brendon

    Deborah Conway…the most under rated singer/songwriter I can think of besides Johnny Deisel (as he was known).
    In an age of pop princess’s and pathetic sexual drivel by scantily clad 12 year olds; Conway…you are a genius.
    I’m writing a script btw…about a womans coming of age and “String Of Pearls” hums as the credits roll…will ring you late next year. 🙂

  4. Rod Harvey

    I too think that Deborah Conway is very underated – she is the best singer/songwriter we have. Saw her at the Paralympics and haven’t been able to see her since. String of Pearls is by far my most played album.

  5. Phil

    Without doubt the most exquisite album I’ve ever had the privilege to place in my collection.
    Since its release, I’ve gone here when I’m a bit sad, a bit happy, totally lonely, absolutely elated, or just when I want some damn good songs.
    Thanks so much for bringing these jewels into the world.
    Much love,

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