Bitch Epic (1993)

Mushroom TVD93386 (1993)

Bitch Epic CD Cover

  1. Alive and brilliant
  2. I’m not satisifed(chords)
  3. Consider this
  4. She prefers fire
  5. Today I’m a daisy
  6. Now that we’re apart (Zygier)
  7. World of love
  8. Holes in the road
  9. One more time (Conway)
  10. Only girl (Zygier)
  11. Madame butterfly is in trouble (Conway)
  12. DCN #348 (Conway)
  • All lyrics – Deborah Conway.
  • All music Conway/Zygier except where specified
  • Produced by Jim Rondinelli and William J Zygier
  • Photography : Montalbetti/Campbell
The Bitch Disc

5 thoughts on “Bitch Epic (1993)

  1. Carolyn Kittel

    I am a huge Deborah Conway fan and am searching for a copy of the bitch epic cd as mine was unfortunately stolen recently. If anyone out there can help me with my request, please contact me as I desperately want to replace this album which is now deleted from record stores.
    Many Thanks,
    Carolyn 🙂

  2. michael arnould

    Whenever I’ve been low-key and in need of a simple GO FOR LIFE fix, I’ve played “Alive and Brilliant” nice & loud.
    Then I’d rediscover the joys of the rest of this wonderful album, with its intricate & excellent singing and musicianship ! BE PROUD DEB & Willy !

  3. Rebecca

    I’ve been a fan for more than a decade, and a musician for much longer. We’ve covered “Alive and Brilliant”, “Today I’m a Daisey” and “One More Time” tons, and audiences out here in Boise absolutely LOVE these tunes.
    Can’t wait to hear the new album!!

  4. Shelley Martin

    The first time I heard Alive and Brilliant I knew I had to buy this album. Normally I only like songs after someone else has been playing them a while. This is my favorite album ever and always will be.
    Please make it available to buy on iTunes because if I ever lose my copy it will be a tragedy.

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