Cambridge Tavern, Newcastle. April 6, 2000

What did that girl on the dcbitchlist say last week about Deborah’s voice?? DC proved me a clown tonight by bursting free and LOUD first up with “Interzone” which I’d never heard. No accusations of half heartedness from this side of the room…
“Radio Loves This” kept the throng of Newcasteelians (DC’s term not mine) bouncing to a grinding rhythm having introduced it as the leading single from Exquisite Stereo to be released in May.
A call of “Alive and Brilliant” was answered with “OK” and City of Women launched into the regular version. Well, as regular as it gets these days with the full band and 300 Bitch Epic owners singing along.
“All of the Above” followed and didn’t draw the same level of recognition from the crowd but the groove continued. It seems that alcohol + smoky bar + DC = schmooze. DC announced “What a sexy crowd!” It was only then that I cast my eyes around, not noticing anyone terribly sexy at all but recognising her comment related to the action on the dance floor.
Both “Never Far Away” and “Exquisite Stereo” (was that really Dave singing or a sample of Neil Finn thrown in? Lovely!) had two, then three, then four scantily clad women girating with intent around each other. While Edmond and Cameron were caught up in their parts, DC and WZ seemed amused and intrigued by it all, while it just sent Dave into a fit of giggles every time DC or WZ made eye contact with him.
“Only the Bones” had everyone jumping about and DC encouraged the intimacy to continue by playing “Here in My Arms” – I spotted a few gals leaving their men at the bar and joing the “love in” on the dance floor. One woman announced in the direction of the stage “I’m a heterosexual!” to which Deborah responded “Shame on you woman!! Get back in the closet!!” – it was a funny, funny atmosphere.
Crowd favourite “Today I’m a Daisy” was next, then a birthday dedication to “Susan” who was too shy to wave when asked – she was one of the older crowd seated with her bearded friends who all thoroughly enjoyed “Release Me” which followed.
I didn’t recognise List favourite “Lay My Head” until the final line – guess it wasn’t the tune I expected the Melbourne crew to really get behind. To be honest I don’t really remember the song though, I was too caught up in hysterics at the craziest thing I’ve seen at any concert. One of the very drunk minimally clad dancing girls strode up to her mate who was in a shorter than short tight black dress and proceded to reef the dress above her waist…! Now I’ve heard of women who wear no underwear under dresses… now I’ve seen one! The poor girl died of embarrassment and left, although I’m not sure if too many others saw her naked backside… only those on stage may have seen the front view but Dave didn’t fall off his stool so she may have been saved. Funniest thing I’ve seen in ages… aaaaah Newcastle. I was complaining that we were 24 hours late for the Jelly Wrestling but I needn’t have complained at all.
“Here she comes…” … love it… my favourite, especially Willy’s little fill riff. “Girl Thing” was on the set list but not played, and they finished rather abruptly with “Novocaine”.
OH – the encore… “It’s Only the Beginning” – amazing – can I just say you have to hear it to believe it! If I tried to describe it you would hate the sound of it… let’s just say if this was a double A side with “Exquisite Stereo” or “She’s Coming for it”, it would go through the roof at the clubs – hell, this mix would even make going to Hen’s Nights in the city more than tolerable! Oh, and it was worth it just to see Willy squirm for the first half of the song when he’s not playing his guitar – you thought Mark O’Meara looked awkward without a guitar in hand at the microphone – wait until you see Willy’s shirt pulling antics!
An impromptu version of “Man Overboard” came next thanks to a chorus of requests, with Willy and DC being joined by the other guys as they picked up on the rhythm… awesome. A second encore was called for and DC re-emerged a little overwhelmed by the screaming response! “It’s Only a Dream” to put everyone off to sleep – “This song helps with insanity” she mentioned to a small band at the front who had been heckling all night and who kept calling out “… you look like Geena Davis… you’re soooo sexy!” etc.
OK – the clothes… DC in pink suit with black sleeveless top, no shoes and pink toe nails. She ditched the jacket after a few songs and Willy threw it on in the encore over his lime and turquoise shirt with matching turquoise pants… despite the tight fit it actually was quite a look for the rockstar himself! For the first encore the black top was replaced with the pink merch teeshirt – that shirt is going to look a treat on Pez!!! Personally, I went for the orange but there’s also pink writing on grey and black writing on white for the lads – something for everyone. Yes I have the album now!
A memorable night – all thanks to Marinella, Donna and the security fella at the Cambridge, Lisa J for the company/laughs, and DC/City of Women for being incredible.
As for tonight… let’s do it again!
Sarah G.

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