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The Women At The Well (2002)

  1. Bic Runga – The Gift That Keeps On Giving
  2. Renee Geyer – You Broke A Beautiful Thing
  3. Deborah Conway – Everybody Wants To Touch Me
  4. Chrissy Amphlett – Before Too Long
  5. Lash – Dumb Things
  6. Vika & Linda – Be Careful What You Pray For
  7. Christine Anu – Beat Of Your Heart
  8. Kate Ceberano – There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Wrong Sometimes
  9. Rebecca Barnard – She’s Rare
  10. Angie Hart – Careless
  11. Renee Geyer – Killer Lover
  12. Magic Dirt – Darling It Hurts
  13. Vika & Linda – 99 Years
  14. Jenny Morris – Beggar On The Street Of Love
  15. Anne Kirkpatrick – Cradle Of Love
  16. Kasey Chambers – Everything’s Turning To White

Press Release

On May 13th, a new collection of Paul Kelly songs will be released.

This is not a new Paul Kelly album. Nor is it simply a compilation of previously existing tracks.

The Women At The Well features 16 tracks and 14 brilliant female vocalists, performing songs written by Paul Kelly, our finest songwriter.

Some of the songs come from existing recordings, but the majority of the tracks on the album are brand new recordings, with most specifically recorded for this project.

The songs range from treasured classics (Careless, Everything’s Turning To White) through to brand new songs, so recently penned they are practically still glistening (The Gift That Keeps On Giving). Some songs have appeared Paul Kelly albums. Many of them have never been recorded by Paul. Some were written for specific women, while others were just songs which blossomed under a female interpretation.

The Women At The Well. On sale May 13th.

“Late last year tapes started arriving sporadically in my letterbox. They all contained one song and each one was sung by a woman. Every song was familiar but also strangely not. Some were gentle, some were harsh, some were country, some funky. Some were surprising while others were what I always imagined they should be. They give me a thrill in a way none of my recordings do. And they make me proud to be associated with such wonderful, expressive singers. I write songs for women because they ask me to and because it’s fun. I don’t know what it’s like to be a woman but I know some of the things they say.” pk

Mushroom Anniversary Discs (1998)

Cover Art

Various, The Mushroom Story – Hits Of The Nineties Vol 1

The fourth in a series released to celebrate Mushroom Records 25th Anniversary (1997-98).


  1. Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher And Higher – Jimmy Barnes
  2. Release Me – Deborah Conway
  3. World’s A Peach – Barker
  4. Took The Children Away – Archie Roach
  5. This Is It – Dannii Minogue
  6. Oil And Water – Horsehead
  7. Hand Becomes Fist – Chris Wilson
  8. Accidentally Kelly Street – Frente
  9. Joy – Deni Hines
  10. Holy Grail – Hunters And Collectors
  11. Master Blaster – Nikka Costa
  12. Local MP – Wicked Beat Sound System
  13. Get Down On It – Peter Andre (With Past To Present)
  14. Easy Come Easy Go – Gw Mclennan
  15. Beauty And Danger – The Killjoys
  16. When Your Love Is Gone – Jimmy Barnes
  17. September – Past To Present
  18. I’m The Woman Who Loves You – Renee Geyer
  19. Jukebox In Siberia – Skyhooks
  20. Workin’ On It – Nathan Cavaleri (With Andrew Strong)


  1. Better The Devil You Know – Kylie Minogue
  2. The Ghost Of Vainglory – Mark Seymour
  3. I’ve Got A Plan – My Friend The Chocolate Cake
  4. That Word (L.O.V.E.) – Rockmelons (Featuring Deni Hines)
  5. Apple Eyes – Swoop
  6. I Want You – Toni Pearen
  7. Hard Love – Vika And Linda Bull
  8. Minutes Like Hours – The Jaynes
  9. Metropolis – The Church
  10. Did It Again – Kylie Minogue
  11. Gimme Little Sign – Peter Andre
  12. Effervescence – Pollyanna
  13. Alive And Brilliant – Deborah Conway
  14. Lover Lover – Jimmy Barnes
  15. Miss Freelove ’69 – Hoodoo Gurus
  16. Djapana – Yothu Yindi
  17. I Can’t Stand The Rain – Wilson Diesel
  18. Heavy Weather – The Paradise Motel
  19. Love And Affection – Kate Ceberano
  20. Tease Me – Paul Kelly

The Mushroom Story – Hits Of The Nineties Vol 2

From humble beginnings in 1972, Mushroom Records has been the face and the major driving force behind contemporary Australian music. This album contains 40 tracks on 2CDs, all digitally remastered.


  1. It’s Only The Beginning – Deborah Conway
  2. When The River Runs Dry – Hunters And Collectors
  3. Island Home – Christine Anu
  4. The Weight – Jimmy Barnes (With The Badloves)
  5. Alimony Blues – Chris Wilson
  6. It’S Alright – Deni Hines
  7. Coppertone – Fini Scad
  8. Spark – Not Drowning Waving
  9. Deeper Water – Paul Kelly
  10. Lost – The Badloves
  11. All Night All Right – Peter Andre (Featuring Coolio)
  12. Ordinary Angels – Frente
  13. When Will You Fall For Me? – Vika And Linda Bull
  14. Don’t It Get You Down – Dead Star
  15. Infatuation – Moler
  16. Indio – Indecent Obsession
  17. Where Are You Now? – Roxus
  18. Heavenly Pop Hit – The Chills
  19. Lay Down Your Guns – Jimmy Barnes
  20. Restoration – Header


  1. Confide In Me – Kylie Minogue
  2. How To Make Gravy – Paul Kelly
  3. Mysterious Girl – Peter Andre
  4. Treaty (Radio Mix) – Yothu Yindi
  5. 99 Reasons – Jo Beth Taylor
  6. Pash – Kate Ceberano
  7. Even When I’m Sleeping – Leonardos Bride
  8. New Craze – The Black Sorrows
  9. Last Train – Christine Anu With Paul Kelly
  10. Relapse – Rail
  11. It’s Not Over – Rockmelons (Featuring Deni Hines)
  12. Down In Splendour – Strait Jacket Fits
  13. Cry – The Mavis’s
  14. Love Comes Easy – Vika And Linda Bull
  15. Waking Up Tired – Hoodoo Gurus
  16. My Heavy Friend – The Truth
  17. Lukiest Man – Weddings Parties Anything
  18. Throw Your Arms Around Me (1990 Version) – Hunters And Collectors
  19. Cruise Control (Eskimos In Egypt Mix) – Headless Chickens
  20. Snowblind Moon – Broderick Smith

Triple M Cordless (1993)

Mushroom TVD 93391 (RMD 53391) — 1993

The CD cover

  1. True Tears of Joy – Hunters And Collectors
  2. When The River Runs Dry – Hunters And Collectors
  3. Harley And Rose – The Black Sorrows
  4. Save Your Life For Me – Kate Ceberano
  5. Working Class Man – Jimmy Barnes
  6. Catch Your Shadow – Jimmy Barnes
  7. Bettadaze – Boom Crash Opera
  8. Just Like Fire Would – Chris Bailey
  9. The Horses – Daryl Braithwaite
  10. Rise – Daryl Braithwaite
  11. One More Time – Diesel
  12. When I First Met Your Ma – Paul Kelly
  13. Fall At Your Feet – Crowded House
  14. It’s Only Natural – Crowded House
  15. Will You Miss Me When You’re Sober – Deborah Conway with Richard Pleasance
  16. Sweet Virginia – Nick Barker
  17. Shivers – Screaming Jets
  18. Slave – James Reyne
  19. I Remember – The Badloves
  20. Green Limousine – The Badloves

Relevant liner notes:

  • Will You Miss Me When You’re Sober – Conway (EMI Songs)
  • Recorded in the studios of Triple M Perth
  • Engineered by Peter Raines
  • “We first noticed Deborah Conway as part of the group Do Re Mi – literally. Do Re Mi was four people, but Deborah Conway was the one you couldn’t help watching, the voice you couldn’t help remembering. Ultimately, stepping out on her own was the natural thing for Deborah to do.”

Good opinion has it that this CD cannot be bought – it was only available
in a competition run by Triple M

Thanks to Bryan Gaensler for this addition to the discography.

Seven Deadly Sins soundtrack (1993)

ABC Music 514463-2/514463-4 (1993)

Paul Kelly, Renee Geyer, Vika Bull, Deborah Conway

  1. He Can’t Decide (P. Kelly/M. Armiger) 3:37
  2. Almost Persuaded (G. Sutton/B. Sherill) 3:05
  3. Imagine The World (M. Armiger/P. Kelly) 6:00
  4. I Can’t See Me Without You (C. Twitty) 2:41
  5. Ugly Woman (Raphael de Leon) 2:40
  6. Foggy Highway (P. Kelly) 3:27
  7. Don’t Break It I Say (P. Kelly/D. Conway/R. Geyer/M. Armiger/Unknown) 4:10
  8. She’s Got You (H. Cochran) 3:00
  9. Crazy (W. Nelson) 4:13
  10. Maybe This Time (P. Kelly/M. Armiger) 3:34
  11. My Friends Say Fool (W. Mason) 3:32
  12. In April (D. Conway) 3:30
  13. Someday I’ll Take Home The Roses (J. Stafford) 3:43

Produced by Martin Armiger
Recorded & mixed by Michael Paul Stavrou
Paul Kelly’s vocals
appear on tracks [1], [2], [5] & [7]. This was the soundtrack
album to the ABC television series “Seven Deadly Sins”.

Andrew Pendlebury (1992)

EastWest 903176295-2 1992

Don’t hold back that feeling, featuring Chris Wilson, Deborah Conway, Kate Ceberano, and Dave Steel

Track 3 – Liberty Blues – D.Bray/Arr A Pendlebury

Linear notes

I met Deborah down at the local pub – she was keeping her voice in singing covers Patsy Cline and kd Lang. Originally we were thinking of a Gram Parson’s song then she came to me with this song. The lyrics are actually about U2 – the fan adulation they inspire. Basically though I just love the way Deborah sings those words in the chorus “Hallelujah Blues” – Andrew Pendlebury

The Iron Man by Pete Townsend

Virgin CDV 2592 (1989)

The Musical by Pete Townshend

  1. I Won’t Run Any More
  2. Over the Top
  3. Man Machines
  4. Dig
  5. A Friend is a Friend
  6. I Eat Heavy Metal
  7. All Shall be Well
  8. Was There Life
  9. Fast Food
  10. A Fool Says…
  11. Fire
  12. New Life / Reprise

All tracks written and produced by Pete Townshend, except Fire produced by Peter Wolf.

Notes: from the cover notes:

  • Hogarth (played here by Pete Townshend) is a ten year old boy; the story is told from his point of view.
  • The Vixen (played here by Deborah Conway) is his conscience, always urging him to be brave, upright and quick thinking.
  • Deborah sings on two tracks.